Supercharge your 3D Workflow with BlendView:
a native After Effects Plug-In

BlendView enables you to preview 3D scenes from Blender inside of After Effects compositions.

After a long development time as a one man project, the launch is finally set to be in Summer of 2020.

Blender is a free open-source software for 3D content creation (i.a. 3D modeling and animation). Adobe After Effects is a very common proprietary animation and compositing software and available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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3D real-time playback right inside your AE comp

No need for manually rendering 3D previews:

Harnessing Blender’s new real-time render engine Eevee, you can preview a Blender animation inside an AE comp without export/import hassle – instantly. Just select the .blend file and voilĂ .

Actual Performance may depend on render settings and hardware.

Preview changes to the 3D animation in real-time

After making changes to your Blender animation, simply save the file and switch to AE. BlendView will instantly reload the scene.

This feature can be turned off for large .blend files.

Achieve better results, faster

With BlendView, you can instantly assess the interplay between the 3D elements and the VFX scene or motion design elements, enabling you to focus on your vision and iterate faster.